Finding a home for Pluto

Finding a home for our beautiful cat, Pluto. She’s been with us for ten years now, and is the most delightful companion. Been asking a lot of friends and neighbours, but none are proving suitable so far….pluto


Pruning our trees

wisteria31st August: booked a tree surgeon to come round and give us a quote for pruning eight trees, two very overgrown hedges and a wisteria that is taking over the house. We have been sparing on the tree pruning to date, since we like a secluded garden that isn’t overlooked.

But we have to keep reminding ourselves that we are going to be away for a year, so if we don’t get things chopped back considerably this autumn, then we will be coming back to a jungle. Our house is going to be rented out to tenants, and although we will have an estate agent to manage things, we will assume worst case scenario that the tenants don’t like gardening, and therefore, very little in the way of maintenance will be done whilst we’re away.

Attacking the freezer


I’m looking at the cakes stored in the freezer… and realise we have to force eat them or throw them away. There is more food in both freezers than we can now realistically eat in the time remaining before we depart. Freezer food is not very good and we always prefer fresh food given a choice…. there is lots of frozen fish, perhaps we can palm this off on the cat?

Attacking the wardrobe

WardrobeAttacking the Wardrobe: OK, I’m starting this blog today, 29th August 2016 which is just over two months before we head off on our Gap Year “round the world travels” on 1st November. I’ve been meaning to set up this blog for some time, since we made the decision to do this Gap Year some months ago, but of course, it’s only when you get into the home straight, so to speak, do you start to do these things.

We will be renting our house out for 12 months whilst we’re travelling, and all our possessions will need to go into storage so we’ve been chucking things out for some months. A car load a week in fact. Can’t believe how much we’ve accumulated in our house over the last ten years. Today, I finally attacked my wardrobe, which I’ve been leaving for some time.

I’m not one who goes in for emotional indulgence, but it can be quite hard throwing out a dress that your (now dead) mother gave you forty years ago and you’ve never worn….also the hundreds of pairs of socks that I’ve accumulated (very precious about my feet), and sexy lingerie and old clothes, shoes – would the charity shop like these or are they really only good for garbage?